Make It Last – Ep 132 – Life In Retirement

Listen To The Episode Here! Also available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, & Google Podcasts Victor & Mark discuss the different retirement accounts common today, and just how much you need to retire. Then, as much as we think about money, retirement is so much more. The pair talk about the fun, recreational side of retirement and the “slow-go,” years.…

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Taxes in Retirement

This event will discuss taxes in retirement and what you could do to help improve your chances at having a successful retirement. Learn how to minimize the amount of taxes you pay in retirement. (For real! We aren’t selling, just teaching) Fill out our Google Registration Form to get the link to register!

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3/13/20 – MLG Five Fact Friday: Coronavirus Edition

This is Five Fact Friday, I’m Victor Medina. Guess what, I’m on a beach in Puerto Rico, and it is gorgeous out. I’m here to deliver my two oldest kids to Spring Break, where they’re gonna be hanging out with my mom for a couple of weeks, and I thought, hey, I would take a…

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Make It Last – Ep 119 – Legal Risks of Living Together Unmarried After 50, Self Directed Investments, & Pension Buy-Outs

A potpourri of topics this week. In this episode, Victor explains the legal risks of living together, unmarried, after age 50. Estate planning laws favor couples who are married so what does that mean for everyone else? Then, Victor discusses an article that talks about the difference between people who are self directed in their…

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