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How To Make Post-Retirement Life Easier

May 4, 2019

If you’re aiming to quit work in 10 years, giving attention to a few specific areas can make post-retirement life that much easier. Click here to read more.

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Elder Financial Abuse Is A Serious Growing Risk

April 27, 2019

Elder financial abuse is a serious growing risk there are practical steps you can take to protect loved ones at risk. Click here to read more.

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How To Save A Small Fortune This Year

April 26, 2019

Go through each item the list below to see just how much you can save this year. Click here to read.

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Why Parents Should Consider A Trust Instead Of A Will

April 24, 2019

Here is in article about why parents should consider a trust instead of a will. Click here to read more.

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Fraudsters Are Targeting Senior Citizens Through Technology

April 18, 2019

America’s senior citizens are facing new scams designed to sucker money from them as fraudsters target their computers and smartphones and use social media posts to lend authenticity to bogus kidnapping calls. Click here to read more.

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How To Eliminate Financial Stress

April 16, 2019

Seventy percent of American workers report being stressed about their financial security, with 65% saying they expect this stress to continue over the next five years, according to a recent Prudential survey. If you’re among this group, you should know there are steps you can take to be more prepared for your future expenses, and…

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How Revocable Trusts Made Lee Radziwill’s Estate Plan So Easy

April 11, 2019

Revocable trusts are commonly used as a way to create privacy and ease of administration. Click here to read more.

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Make It Last – Ep 100 – Why You Shouldn’t Rely on Medicare for All in Retirement

April 10, 2019

Today is a very special episode! 1. It marks the 100th episode recorded & 2. It marks the 2 year anniversary of Make It Last Radio. Thank you for following the program for 2 years and 100 episodes. I am excited for what the future holds and to keep sharing great legal and retirement information.…

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What You Need To Know About Buying A House

April 9, 2019

What’s the first step to buying a house? Click here to read more.

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Could You Still Get Hit With The Alternative Minimum Tax?

April 4, 2019

You still could get hit with the Alternative Minimum Tax. Click here to read more.

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Make It Last – Ep 99 – How to Find, Calculate, and Control Fees During Retirement

April 3, 2019

In this episode Victor goes over some legal and retirement updates – the status of the law which will allow terminally ill patients to have the “right to die” & the status of the Nevada fiduciary law. The main topic of the episode is retirement fees. Fees in retirement can add up in a hurry,…

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Practical Steps To Making Estate Planning Less Risky

April 2, 2019

Estate planning is inherently fraught with risk and uncertainty, but some practical steps may mitigate some issues. Click here to read more.

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